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Often the time you want to ask the question will be the time when they are no longer available to answer it...

Now is the time to recognize the true significance of written memories. Recorded guidance and hope written for the future generations to benefit from. Memories and moments of those we cherish written down and documented to ensure their stories and wisdom are passed to the next generation before they are lost and forgotten. 

A Family Heirloom: a gift to your family and to the world.

The truth about money is, it replenishes itself. Time doesn't. You can't get it back. There has never been and never will be another you. We can't replace our mother or father when they are gone. We always think there will be more time. None of us truly think about how many more days we have. We need to tell our stories.

Even regular people can have the most amazing stories. We can learn so much about them just by listening. Now is the time to record and preserve the memories and unique beauty of each individual life experience.

New technology makes it easier than ever before to capture life's memories before they are lost.

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